Horseback riding Abruzzo

A horseback ride Abruzzo, deep inside the flora and fauna of the National Park, with the company of the guides and the Ranch Brionna’s gentle horses. The ride will be done in an absolutely unique location: the Rodeo Valley, a wide dale in which about a thousand between horses and cows graze free. You’re going to pass just next to them, while enjoying the amazing landscape that our valley has to offer. The length, and so the itinerary of the ride can be chosen.

The activities we offer are:

30 minute horseback ride € 17,50 / person

Short ride into the green, dedicated to the families and to the ones that want to enter in the horses’ amazing world for the first time. The ride is doable all year round and you’re going to ride in the Rodeo Valley, which both in winter (with snow) and summer is populated by herds of free horses and cows.

1 hour horseback ride € 25 / person

Created for families and groups of friends, beginners and experts, this ride offers the opportunity to dive inside a completely natural scenario. The valley “Pantano della Zittola”, surrounded by the Mainarde Mountains, is crossed by our horses during all seasons. They’re ready to give you a funny and relaxing experience in nature, passing just next to cows and horses which, free, live in the valley. Everything under the constant supervision of an expert guide who lead every ride. The guide will not only guarantee the safeness of the ride, but also will tell you curiosities about horses and even about the valley that once hosted the “Rodeo Pentro”.

2 hours horseback ride € 45 / person

The 2 hours ride is surely the best way to really get to know our valley. Dedicated to both beginners and who already has experience with horses, this ride allows you to dive completely in the “Pantano della Zittola” valley, in which the time seems to have stopped: surrounded by the Mainarde Mountains and overflown by herons, buzzards and falcons, this valley presents 24 sources of natural water, in which the hundreds of horses and cows that live in the valley can quench their thirst. During this 2 hours ride we give you the possibility to drink directly from the Earth, in one of this sources of potable water, fenced and not accessible to the horses, which is situated inside a public area equipped with barbecues and tables.

Half a day horseback riding with lunch included. TOP OFFER € 79 / person

The Brionna Ranch offers an unforgettable trip to discover the flora and fauna of the "National Park of Abruzzo". There are several itineraries to choose from depending on your level, with the possibility of organizing them every day all year round. The itinerary of 3 hours, recommended to riders and amazons on their first outings, even without a specific training. The first route will make us know the area of ​​the quagmire of the Zitola, an area of ​​community interest, with importance special protection area, in one of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, we will ride among herds of about 900 between horses and cows in a almost unique context, also the valley is characterized by springs and pools of drinking water of rare beauty where free horses can drink in peace. Also a panoramic passage is planned to admire the entire valley in its entirety. The grilled lunch is at the edge of the valley with strictly local products, we can taste the grilled scamorza, grilled lamb, grilled sausage, caciocavallo (cheese), is accompanied by good wine Montepulciano.

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Our horses are used to work with beginners, so they will remain calm during the whole activity.
When it comes to hiking in nature, wearing the right clothing and equipment has a great influence on comfort and safety. Before riding in the saddle on a horse or quad, it is recommended to wear: long pants like jeans, possibly elasticized or not too tight; T-shirt with long or short sleeves. Hiking shoes or ankle boots. It is NOT recommended to wear: chains, earrings, excessively hanging that can get caught on harnesses and equipment. scarves or fluttering clothing that would frighten the horse or get caught easily. In the winter time we recommend dressing in layers so that you can add or remove clothing if necessary. Always wear snow gloves. N.B. The riding helmet is mandatory for minors and optional for adults, also in this case the disposable cap is provided.
We advise you to buy the offer, and as soon as you can book the day most convenient for you to make the excursion. We remind you that our offers are temporary and specific at certain times of the year.
We are available to carry out the proposed activity, both during the week and on weekends. The hours scheduled from Monday to Friday are at 11:00 in the morning or at 15:00 in the afternoon; while for Saturday and Sunday the activity is proposed at 10:00
There are no means, you have to reach us by your own means (cars, motorbikes but also on horseback ...). But we are a short distance from the S.S. 17, one of the main arteries of central and southern Italy. It is easy to reach the Ranch coming from Campania, Lazio, Molise and of course Abruzzo.
Absolutely not. There is ample parking in front of the Ranch where you can safely leave your car.