Live the horseback riding for beginners experience in the nature between Abruzzo and Molise

We present our proposal for beginners to enjoy your first experience in complete safety and with the right preparation.

Instead of only one horse ride, there will be time dedicated to you, you want to learn the basics of riding safety, and therefore the attention you deserve to face your first experience with the horse.

In the first part, which provides for the lesson, will be treated the topics that will make us enter into harmony with the horse and that will lead us to relate with him with respect and the basis of equitation that will allow us to drive it in total safety.
The second part includes the horseback riding walk, where you will experience everything that has been dealt with during the lesson.

Ranch Brionna - The emotion of a life.

Book your horseback excursion, still available for little and with limited places !!!

I introduce myself:

My name is Denis Buongiorno, riding instructor F.I.S.E as well as a connoisseur of the horse world with over twenty years of experience.

Since I was a child I found myself in contact with the horses, I had the opportunity to ride and train dozens: without knowing I was laying the groundwork for what would have been my future.

I have hundreds of horseback rides and as many lessons with beginners, and this has allowed me to create a teaching method that leads a beginner from being a passenger to a pilot with just a few steps.

beginners horse riding

know that the whole teaching method is based on (YOUR!) security and respect for our "horse friend".

The customers who mostly come to our ranch are divided into separate groups: some are terrified, others consider it a wonderful dream, others are convinced that they are only passengers and will not have to worry about driving the horse.

You'll discover how to live your first horse ride as a driver and not as a passenger.

You know that ...
riding helps people to be happy?

It may seem that riding has no obvious benefits and that riding is a simple pastime. The truth is that at any level you can realize how much this sport, in any of its form, is highly positive for the body and above all for the mind, without counting the feeling with the animal that is created in these moments.

Riding a horse trains the body:

passively activates the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdominals;

improves balance;

improves coordination.

In the activity with the horse, to benefit the most is the mind and the state of mind. In fact, not only did you get immersed in nature, but you also sat on it! Man is increasingly forced to live far from nature and it seems normal to do without it, but the truth is that it brings tangible benefits to the person, including:

increase in productivity;

creativity increase;

decreased stress;

awareness of the present moment;

deep inner calm.

horseback riding for beginners

Ranch Brionna - The emotion of a life.

Book your horseback excursion, still available for little and with limited places !!!

I want you to know what the fundamental knowledge you can learn is:

1. Understanding the mind of a horse;

2. Understanding the mood of the horse to its advantage;

3. How to "read" the language of a horse's body;

4. How to approach a horse and how to stay safe around them - YOU MUST understand it for your safety !;

5. How to get on and off safely;

6. The correct position;

7. How to establish mutual feeling and trust;

8. How to control your horse through the reins, the use of legs and basic voice commands!

9. Overview of country equitation;

10. The attitude that a beginner must have.

The experience is divided into two phases:

The first part provides the lesson of about 40 minutes, where all the "basics" will be explained so that the second phase, which involves horse riding, is done with peace and security.

The instructor Buongiorno Denis, will not only be present throughout the lesson, but will accompany the aspiring riders even during the horse ride, which will be carried out in the Cocchiara valley (nature reserve).

horseback riding for beginners


Our horses are used to work with beginners, so they will remain calm during the whole activity.
When it comes to hiking in nature, wearing the right clothing and equipment has a great influence on comfort and safety. Before riding in the saddle on a horse or quad, it is recommended to wear: long pants like jeans, possibly elasticized or not too tight; T-shirt with long or short sleeves. Hiking shoes or ankle boots. It is NOT recommended to wear: chains, earrings, excessively hanging that can get caught on harnesses and equipment. scarves or fluttering clothing that would frighten the horse or get caught easily. In the winter time we recommend dressing in layers so that you can add or remove clothing if necessary. Always wear snow gloves. N.B. The riding helmet is mandatory for minors and optional for adults, also in this case the disposable cap is provided.
We advise you to buy the offer, and as soon as you can book the day most convenient for you to make the excursion. We remind you that our offers are temporary and specific at certain times of the year.
We are available to carry out the proposed activity, both during the week and on weekends. The hours scheduled from Monday to Friday are at 11:00 in the morning or at 15:00 in the afternoon; while for Saturday and Sunday the activity is proposed at 10:00
There are no means, you have to reach us by your own means (cars, motorbikes but also on horseback ...). But we are a short distance from the S.S. 17, one of the main arteries of central and southern Italy. It is easy to reach the Ranch coming from Campania, Lazio, Molise and of course Abruzzo.
Absolutely not. There is ample parking in front of the Ranch where you can safely leave your car.